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More Information:

Having an office situated in the heart of Sherwood Forest I am blessed with the opportunity to stroll at lunch time into the forest and marvel at the beauty which abounds.

My name is Bob Wyatt, an accountant by trade but passionate about the wealth of history right on my doorstep.

Talking to a friend in America I was enthusing about the area and how lucky I am to see it every day – and when I mentioned some of the professionally hand-made jewellery, art and crafts being produced at workshops in the forest, my friend became excited too at the prospect of owning something authenticated from Sherwood Forest.

And so the idea was spawned that I should gather details of as many products as possible and put them on display so that anyone with a desire to own something made from Robin Hood country could do so.

The website will be populated with more products each week as details are provided.

But there is more to Sherwood Forest than the products for sale – there will be information about the trees within the forest – in particular of course the Major Oak – the hollowed out tree where Robin Hood hid form the Sheriff of Nottingham’s men.

There will be details of the church – St Mary’s – where Robin purportedly married Maid Marion – and there will be links to photos of the church.

This is just the beginning – come with me on a journey!