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Sherwood Forest is a much-loved heritage forest situated in the heart of England in the county of Nottinghamshire in England.

It's most famous character known throughout the world being of course Robin Hood.

Sherwood Forest was once a Royal Hunting Forest the same as Epping Forest or the Forest of Dean, mostly open spaces of grassland and heathland with woodland and wood pasture.

By the year 2000, 90% of Sherwood Forest's heathland had been lost and much of the woodland has suffered the same fate.

In 1995, The Sherwood Forest Trust was established to stop this decline to ensure that Sherwood Forest would survive for hundreds more years.

There are many varieties of trees in Sherwood Forest, some of which lend themselves to being used as inspiration for inspirational crafts - and local craftsmen and women bring together their many talents producing products like jewellery, art, wooden artifacts, carved leather goods - and much, much more.

Secrets of Sherwood will bring to your screen a variety of products inspired by and made by these crafts-people - giving you authenticated products from the heart of Sherwood Forest!